U16 Youth Football

Price: £140.00

Playing Subs & Membership via a one-off payment of £140

From 2018/19 season forwards, ALL fines incurred for Red or Yellow cards are the responsibility of the player or parent/guardian to pay.

Please note: 

Privacy Notice

Data held and purpose
Sylvans hold your child’s name, address and date of birth so we can register your child to play football at Sylvans and place them in an appropriate training group. If you do not provide your child’s details we will not be able to process their registration to the Club.

We hold your child’s personal data to be able to run Sylvans and to arrange matches. Our lawful basis for processing your child’s personal data is that we have a contractual obligation to your child as a member of the Club to provide the services you are registering for.

We hold your mobile number and your email address so the coaches can contact you regarding training/matches or as an emergency contact if your child is injured at training/matches. In addition we need to capture your date of birth in order to be able to register and associate you with your child when registering them with the Football Associations Full Time database.

We hold any relevant medical information so that the coaches can be aware of any issues that might arise at training/matches. This information is classed as special category personal data and is collected for your child’s health, welfare, wellbeing and safeguarding. This data is held with your specific consent.

Where is this data held and who has access to it?
Sylvans is the data controller, responsible for the processing of any personal data you give us. Sylvans take reasonable care to keep the information secure and to prevent any unauthorised access to or use of it.

The data is held on a private administration part of the Sylvans website and is collated and summarised so that it can be passed on to the coaches. The people who have access to this data are the Committee, the Treasurer who ensures that subs have been paid for each child and the coaches so they are aware of the players registered in their age group.

Where your child plays in a GFA league, their data will be passed on to the GFA to register for those leagues via the Whole Game System database, which is administered by the FA. The data stored on this System is subject to their privacy policy which is available to view on their website.

Explicit consent
We are asking for your explicit consent to seek, hold and process your child’s data, and to pass on your child’s data to the GFA where they participate in a GFA league.

Right to refuse/withdraw consent, or request rectification or erasure of data
It is your right to refuse or withdraw consent to process your child’s data at any time. You should write to the Committee at Sylvans SC stating explicitly which element of data handling/processing you wish to withdraw or not consent to.

You also have the right to request rectification or erasure of data. Again the request should be made in writing, as above, with specific reference to the data you wish to rectify or erase.

How long is data held?
Your child’s data is held while your child remains registered at Sylvans SC. If your child does not register at Sylvans at the start of the next season, their data will be deleted.

Data breaches
Any concerns or breaches of data protection should be referred to the Committee.
Data subject access requests

It is your right to request access to all data being held or processed about your child. The request should be made in writing to the Committee.

Provision of information
Please complete the following:

  • Child's Name:
  • Postal Address:
    Date of birth/ year group:
    Parent/guardian mobile number:
    Parent/guardian email address:
    Relevant medical condition:

By completing this online form you are consenting to Sylvans collecting and holding this data on behalf of your child as detailed below. 

I agree to the above data being collected and held in relation to my child
I agree to my child’s data being passed to the GFA where my child participates in a GFA league

Insurance – I am aware the Club’s Insurance Policy may not cover any expenses incurred during medical treatment towards my care. Therefore, I understand that I have been advised that private medical insurance should be obtained to cover myself.

Photographs and video
Sylvans follow the FA guidelines for taking images of players. These can be found on our website www.sylvanssc.org. By completing this online form you are consenting to Sylvans taking images of your child for use on the Club’s social media.

I consent to Sylvans taking photos/videos of my child while involved in football related activities for use on the Club’s Social Media sites and/or for training purposes


As a parent or guardian, you are consenting to your son/daughter participating in Sylvans Sports Club events and agree to the conditions outlined above or below. You accept that it is your responsibility to inform the Club in writing of any relevant changes to the information provided below. You give consent to the information contained in this form being retained by Sylvans Sports Club. This information will not be distributed to any third party.