Our Objectives

- To provide structured training sessions in a fun and safe environment where young players can express themselves and enjoy their football development.

- Maximise the potential of talented individuals and encourage personal improvement.

- Develop players as responsible people with an awareness of their responsibilities to each other with mutual respect for others.

- Offer age appropriate training building towards the long term development of players and teams.

Offering age appropriate training:

Reception & Year 1 - FUNdementals

- Basic techniques, A-B-C’s (Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed), Enthusiasm, Fun & Enjoyment

Years 2 & 3 - Enjoying Practice

- Continued improvement/development of techniques, basic skills, group practices, encouragement of imagination and exploration, inclusion and participation, group practices, attacking and defending principles

Years 4 & 5 - Developing Practice

- Continued improvement of techniques and skills, skill execution under pressure, introduction to team tactics and shape, rotation and understanding of positions, focus on decision making, introduction of patterns of play

Years 6 & 7 - Training to compete

- Refining of techniques and skills, execution of the correct skills on demand/at the right time, contribution to team play involving the use of time and awareness of space, understanding of team attacking and defending principles, improved decision making, physical development, individual positional development

Focusing on the three key stages of play: 


Stay on the ball, master the ball ; Develop a mastery of the ball and the confidence to try new things ; Excite with the ball and seek creative solutions ; Be exciting and positive in possession, playing with individuality and with elements of disguise and surprise ; Connect and combine creatively with others ; Combine creatively and intelligently with others to create and score goals


Positive and enthusiastic defending ; Enjoy winning the ball back, be difficult to beat 1v1 and look to start attacks when you get the ball; Intelligent defending ; Be positive and confident in your positioning and ability to win the ball. Be alert when the opposition have possession ; Master a variety of defensive techniques and roles ; Enjoy defending in a variety of roles and develop a range of techniques to regain possession


Instinctive decision-making ; React quickly and positively when the ball is won or lost and have a range of individual options and actions ; Positive and intelligent attacking reactions ; Have a positive attitude when possession is regained, travelling quickly with and without the ball ; Take every opportunity to attack, create and score goals - Positive and intelligent defensive reactions ; Try to win the ball back quickly and prevent opponents from starting attacks ; Be proactive when the ball is lost and have confidence in your ability to defend