The car park alongside immediately outside the clubhouse the driveway can become jam packed on match day.  Additional parking is available in our field at the back of our training pitch, which can be accessed from Rue St Pierre (the road running towards St Saviours Church from the Longfrie cross roads). Please use this facility. Our pitches can be accessed direct from the back of this field.


Please refrain from parking outside St Peters Post Office and Store & the old HSBC Bank premises, these car park are strictly for the customers of the Post Office, business callers and tennants of those properties. 

Respect & Welfare

Sylvans are committed to ensuring the welfare of all of it's members via the FA's Respect Campaign. A wealth of information is available to download (see links below) and for more information please contact the clubs Welfare Officer.

Sylvans' 3 Welfare Officers are : -

Diana Simon - Tel : 07781 127825 - email :
Anna Robert - tel : 07781 111721 - email :
Sam Simon - tel : 07781 458594 - email :

As a Chartered Standard club, Sylvans promote and follow the Football Associations Respect campaign and ask that all officials, members, players, coaches and spectators adhere to the codes of conduct.


Access the codes from clicking on the links below:

Parents & Spectators

Young Players

Adult Players

Coaches - Officials - Managers

Taking Sanctions

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