Senior Football

Priaulx 2019/20

The Priaulx league side is regarded as the first team and represent Sylvans in the top division. The Priaulx side also compete in the elite Guernsey & Jersey Inter Insular cup competitions. Sylvans have four other senior mens teams competing in the Guernsey Football Association League & Cup competitions.

Division One formerly known as the Jackson league is Guernsey's equivilant of the reserves league for Priaulx squad members and up and coming youngsters getting experience of senior football. This is a thriving competitive league with not only a full league program but also a Cup and a Shield knockout competition.

Divisions Two and Three replaced the league formerly known as the Railway league, traditionally the third and most social league within the GFA structure for senior men. A large number of teams now compete for the League title and knockout competition both of which have been rejuvinated in recent years. Sylvans have teams competing at both Division Two and Three levels and an additional team in Division Two under the guise Rocquiane Pirates who are affiliated to  and very much part of the club also playing their home matches at St Peters. 


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Contact Details


Head Coach / Priaulx 

Martyn de Garis 

07781 102048

Division 1

James Starkey

07911 760536

Division 2

James Starkey

07911 760536

Division 3

Mark Leadbeater

07911 727437


Dave Ellis

07781 465550

Rocquaine Pirates

Chris Le Garff

07781 429184