Earn money for the club by shopping on Amazon.

How does it work?

Easy, click on the link below and bookmark / add it to your favourites and use it to shop with Amazon for all future purchases. By doing this you will automatically earn Sylvans a commission based upon the value your purchases. This link includes our 'Associates ID' and will notify Amazon of your purchases and your link with the club and pay us a commission for your purchase.

Does it cost me anything?

Absolutely not. You will not have to pay a penny more for your purchases but you will automatically earn the club commission.

Where does the money go?

Once commissions have reached a certain level, Amazon Associates will pay any commissions to the club directly. 100% of the money goes back in to the running and upkeep of the clubs facilities for all to use.

Bookmark this link: 


add it to your or alternately click on any of the links to access these items direct.