We have a thriving Mini's Football section which caters for boys and girls from reception year through to year 7. The club has excellent facilities and very enthusiastic trained coaches to give every child the best possible chance of enjoying their football. Mini’s sessions take place on Saturday mornings at our St Peters pitch from early September through till early May with a small break at Christmas. 

Competitive league football does not start until Year 6 and 7 when club teams take part in the Corbet Cup league and the Corbet Cup Shield league. For Years 2 - 5 friendly tournaments take place every 4 weeks throughout the season. Reception & Year 1 are not permitted by English FA rules to take part in competitive football, but inter-club joint training sessions will be arranged from time to time. 

All training sessions try to incorporate a variety of elements focusing on player development and teaching the core skills and techniques of football. We believe this concept will help improve players, regardless of their age, sex or ability. All sessions are delivered in a safe environment. Developing players for the future and providing football for the local community is what the Sylvans Mini’s is all about, all players new and old are welcome.


Our season kicks off the first Saturday following beginning of the Autumn School term, usually the first or second weekend in September. Minis will run every Saturday apart from a 2 week break at Christmas and 1 week at Easter until early May. Please follow us on Twitter for up to date details @SylvansMinis .

All groups will start at 10:00am and finish at 11:30am with the exception of Reception & Year 1 which will finish slightly earlier at 11:15am. All old and new players are welcome.

New players are free to come along and have a go on a trial basis to see if they like it. There is no obligation to pay subs until they are settled in, which we would normally expect to know a few weeks in.

Children are welcome from Reception year onwards. Please spread the word, the more the merrier.

Kit can be purchased please enquire with your coach. In the meantime, new players are free to play in their own suitable clothing, but which must include shin pads and suitable footwear.


All subscriptions should now be paid for via the online registration using PayPal, click here to pay.

The costs of providing football, training coaches and maintaining the facilities are increasing all the time however we hope this still represents excellent value for money.

Please ensure subscriptions are paid no later than 30th September.


Please follow us on twitter @SylvansMinis where we'll post important updates during the course of the season. We'll make every effort to go ahead with all training sessions and matches however if the weather is really bad or the pitches unplayable training may be cancelled.


We will have a range of mini match kit, training kit & leisurewear available to purchase please enquire with your coach as to how to purchase this. 

All players will be expected to wear Sylvans kit when taking part in in inter-club friendly matches or when taking part in friendly football festivals during the season. 

We advise kit only be purchased for new players once players have settled in as refunds are not possible on used kit.


Our main car park can become very busy on Saturday mornings. 

We actively encourage active travel where possible either on foot or by cycle. We have a wonderful new bike park facility specifically for this. 

However if not please car share when you can. Additional parking is also available at our field at the back of our training pitch which can be accessed from Rue St Pierre; the road is running towards St Saviours Church from the Longfrie crossroads. Please use this facility. Our pitches can be accessed directly from the back of this field. 

Parking is not allowed in the coned off area directly in front of the clubhouse on Saturday mornings. This is to ensure the safety of the children crossing and using the canteen. 

Please note that parking directly in front of St Peters Post Office or in the spaces at the old HSBC building is prohibited to attend Sylvans or games at Les Brehauts. Please ensure that you comply with this request.

Please drive carefully.


As an FA Community Club, Sylvans SC is a fully signed up member of the FA Respect campaign. A key part of this is spectator behaviour. Please only offer encouragement from the side-lines and do not openly criticise players, coaches or officials either at matches or training sessions.

At minis and juniors ages, it is particularly important for spectators not to coach from the side-lines…     there is nothing more confusing for young players than to be told one thing by their coach and another by a spectator.

We want to encourage our players to make decisions for themselves when playing the game, which is a key part of their football development. No matter how frustrating it can get please bear this in mind.


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